Manifesting Love 

You get 7 weeks of one-on-one coaching with me! Resulting in deeper self-knowledge and awareness, personal empowerment, cleared energy and a readiness for the person of Your Dreams!


You can expect honesty and vulnerability from me, a safe place where you can open up and face what hinders you in love and romance, homework, lots of encouragement and love, good energy, and support while you navigate this space! 

How do you know the Manifesting Love Basic is for you?  

  1. You aren't quite ready or able to commit to 12 weeks, however, 7 is doable

  2. You are ready to call in the love that is for you

  3. You are a go-getter, willing to take challenges to heart

What you get :


  • intuitive guidance

  • a heart chakra activation

  • a safe container to work thru your obstacles to love

  • a new awareness of your self & your energy

  • help identifying your deal breakers 

  • help rewriting your narrative (the story telling your love life)

  • fine tuning your frequency to your vibrational match (The person of YOUR Dreams)

  • a special gift just for you (I love giving good surprises) 

  • 21 days of support upon completion of the course


A $95.00, non-refundable deposit secures your spot. If for any reason you are unable to participate now, the deposit can be used for another service or another round of coaching.


Payment in Full - $999.00. 

Payment plans are available.  

Once registered, we will schedule your Intake session! I accept payments via PayPal, Cashapp & Venmo

Are you ready for Love?