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SKEH Reiki Clinic

The Reiki Clinic is about SERVICE, Practicum and Community.

Incorporating PRACTICUM into my services is an absolute JOY for me. I get to support my Mentees and WE get to be of SERVICE to YOU, our community.

We believe that Healing helps cultivate a healthy community (locally and globally).  Everyone deserves this support.  We may not have the funds to purchase a full service session, yet that does not stop us from wanting to support you!  The In-Person session is offered at a discounted rate and Distance Healing is at no cost to you.

Check your calendar and see what Thursday is good for you! We look forward to Serving you.

Reiki Benefits

What are some benefits of Reiki?

♡ deep relaxation 😌

♡ supports you in releasing negative energy from your subtle bodies

♡ opens you to receive clarity

♡ heals your emotional body as well as your physical body

♡ supports energetic balance

♡ relieves illness



Join us for the following:

1.  30 minute in-person Reiki Session with 2 practitioners for only $45.00 (normally $78.00). 


When: Thursday evenings at 8pm in Glendale, CA.  Scheduling is required.



2.  Distance Healing (done remotely) in case you live elsewhere or aren't able to come in and would still like to receive Reiki.    No cost, we are happy to be of service to you. 


If you want to make a donation please send to:

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