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It is said that what you want, also wants you.

I know dating can be complicated.  I know the pandemic added to this thought that finding the love of your life is crazy or impossible.  I am here to tell you that finding love is possible.  Unlike our physical bodies, love is not limited to space and time, or any other thing.  Yes, your faith is needed.  Love is spiritual. I don’t mean religious. Energy doesn't lie.  When I became crystal quartz clear on what I wanted and what I didn't want, tuning into that frequency was easy.  


​Are you ready to Manifest the person of your dreams, to call in love, and learn how to master your energy so you can be more of your truest self in relationships? 

Do you want to learn how to maintain a healthy, vibrant, growing relationship?


If you’re answer is yes or you feel it in your very being, then click on the offerings listed below to see which resonates the most with you.  

"Before working with Heather I was meeting the wrong kinds of guys and repeating the same patterns in my relationships. I've done tons of work on myself, lots of healing and worked with therapists. I thought I didn't have any negative beliefs left about men as I love them! But working with her I realized I had few things to still work through including some negative beliefs about myself. I had a lot of fears around intimacy, owning my worth in relationship and feeling safe with men that where causing me to make bad decisions in my love life.

After working with her I cleared all these old patterns and now feel so much more confident, grounded, relaxed and secure in myself. I am relating to men a fabulous new way, respecting my own boundaries and am receiving a much different response from men and have been attracting the kind of man that I previously thought was out of my league!!  I highly recommend working with Heather if you want to upgrade your love life.


She brings in a extremely potent combination of loving sweet energy, deep intuitive insight, a beautiful fierceness and powerful reiki healing to her work. It's a magical combination. She has definitely changed my love life for the better!!"

Umoh - Long Beach, CA