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Heather Parker, aka Funky Sunshine, is a Leo Sun & Rising, a Relationship Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, Seer & Heart Chakra Specialist! She is also a Clair-sentient Intuitive who loves love and loves supporting people in healing traumas, while also supporting them in believing in love again.  She blends her love for spoken word, her soul knowing and training to help people.   She is born and raised in Glendale, California.  She has a Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Studies, with a specialty in cross-cultural education, from California State University Los Angeles.  She was attuned in Reiki 1&2 in 2014, and Reiki 3 in 2015. She has been practicing and teaching Reiki and Energy Work since 2015.   Heather is a published author.  Her first book, 'Loving a Lioness: Poetry in Life, Love & Eros' was released in 2016 via the World Stage Press.  She is currently working on her 2nd book.  Heather loves travel, being creative, spending time with friends and family, and being in nature. You can frequently catch her watching documentaries or marvel movies with her partner Cedric, community building, writing stories and poems, or playing with their dog.  

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Heather Parker, Certified Reiki Master/Teacher

Offering Healing Work & Attunements in the Greater Los Angeles area and the Metro Atlanta area. 

Artist Statement:

The human experience is soft and wild, loving and angry, gentle and violent, holy and tragic.  I tap into my soul to express what I see and experience in such a way that a stranger or my best friend feels me.  Some days I describe being in love, angst or sexual desire.  Other days I identify a feeling, reclaim space and personal power or plainly speak up on issues that make others squeamish.  At this stage in my poetic journey, I am resolved to speak up and speak out on current events, social injustices, and authentic emotion and to speak truth to power. 


                                                                                                                                              - Heather Parker

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