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Coaching Bundle

7 Coach Calls  for only $555.00


(valued at $840.00)


Each call is 60 minutes & is recoreded.

Coaches point out our blind spots. The truth is...we all have blind spots.  The people most known for being the G.O.A.T have coaches! Often times, they have more than one.   I get that many of us have been convinced we have to do everything on our own to see our Dreams become a reality, however, that is a myth.  Independence is not the same as autonomy.  Independence without Interdependence is an extreme.  Let's find the balance so you can realize your dreams with fewer casualties. 


In your coaching sessions, we will get clear on your Point A and your Point B.   I will coach you through obstacles, limiting beliefs, programming, ego and anything else that is keeping you from getting to your Point B.   

What I know to be true is, "it works if you work it."  And you are worth it.  You are your greatest project.  Let's work together to reach your goal! 

Let's Work Together

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